Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most commonly asked questions. Whether you're new to our products/services or a long-time customer, we're here to provide you with the information you need.

Please note, due to the intimate nature of Vibes Only products, we cannot offer returns or exchanges of our products. Please choose your product carefully and ask for support before purchasing if you are uncertain. Click HERE for more information on our policy.
Which payment methods are available, and will my payment information be stored? Your payment is processed by Shopify via, a secure payment gateway, Sezzle, Paypal, or Amazon. Your payment information is stored securely with Shopify in case we need to refund your payment for any reason. Our team does not have access to your payment details.
What will the payment say on my statement?
Your billing statement will read "Vibes Only".
When will I get my tracking number?
If you're located within the US:
Express: If your order is placed before 12pm PST, we will make our best effort to ensure your package is picked up the same day. Once your order has been processed and is ready for pickup, you will receive your tracking number. Shipping time after pickup is 2 business days. 
Standard: We will process your order within 72 hours. Due to the high volume of orders your order processing may be slightly delayed so we appreciate your patience. Once your order has been collected by our courier, it should arrive within 3-6 business days. 
For international orders:
Below are the approximate shipping times for international orders. Due to the high volume of orders, your order processing may be slightly delayed so we appreciate your patience. We will do our best to process your order within 72 hours and once it has been processed you will be emailed your tracking number. Please be aware that due to Covid-19 there may be some supply chain issues with postage services which are beyond our control, however we will do our best to ensure your order reaches you in the below time frames.
Canada: DHL 4-7 business days
UK: DHL 4-7 business days
Australia: DHL 5-7 business days
Mexico: DHL 2-7 business days
Please note: There may be local customs fees for your order due to the nature of shipping adult pleasure products, which we aren't able to calculate on our end. These will be decided by the customs officials in your country.

Where do you currently ship?
Currently we ship to the UK, Mexico, Canada, and Australia. We are working on expanding our international shipping for our pleasure products, and if we cannot ship to your country, please send us a request at and we will do our best to assist you.

What will my delivery box look like? Will people be able to tell I purchased a vibrator?
Don’t worry, we’ve got you. All orders arrive in discreet brown packaging so that any nosy neighbors won’t suspect a thing. 
Can I change the address on my order?
We will do our best to update your address to ensure your order reaches you. Once your order is placed, you have a maximum of 2 hours to contact us to request a change to your address on the order, by emailing
Please include your order number in the email to support. Once received, we will update the address and follow up with a confirmation. Below is the required format to update your shipping address:
First and last name
Street address
Unit/apt # (if applicable)
City, State, Zip
Please note: It is not guaranteed that shipping addresses will be updated as your order may be in progress to ship. 
Our products are picked up at 2pm PST by our courier daily. We will do our best to correct your order in time, but there may be times where due to the volume of our orders we cannot correct your address before the courier has picked up your order.
Where is my order shipped from?
The pleasure products in your order are handled with care and are shipped from our warehouse in Los Angeles. 
When will my order arrive?
Once your order is placed, if you would like to track the status of your order, please check your inbox to find your shipping confirmation. All shipping information will be emailed to you as soon as your purchase is shipped. Most domestic US shipments are sent via DHL. Please use the link included in the email to track your delivery directly on the delivery company webpage.
If the link is not responsive for any reason, please access the web page of the delivery company (DHL, UPS and USPS) enter the tracking number manually into their website to verify the status of your delivery.
Do you ship to PO boxes?
Yes! We will ship to PO boxes as long as they are in the United States. We cannot ship to international PO boxes.
My order never arrived. What can I do?
Oh no! First, we advise you to check your tracking information to see what may be causing the delay. Please send your order number to and we will help troubleshoot. 
I never received a confirmation email for my order.
First, we advise you to check your spam folder. If you still can’t find it, please send a screenshot of your order (if you have it), your order number, and the email address you used to place the order, and your full name on the order, to We will help you track down what happened.
My package has not arrived but the tracking information states that it was delivered. What can be done?
Unfortunately, if your package has been declared as "delivered" Vibes Only is unable to provide support for this occurrence.
For damaged or missing packages, we recommend filing a claim through the carrier immediately. To ensure that a response from the carrier is guaranteed, customers must file no later than 30 days from the date of mailing. The date of mailing is determined by the date that tracking information has been populated. For more information on filing a claim with carriers, please reach out to us.

Do you have a sustainability program?
Our fulfillment center takes the following steps to keep our environmental footprint as small as possible:
  • All shipping boxes are 100% recyclable (or reusable).
  • We use brown kraft packing paper which is a 100% recyclable, natural, biodegradable and compostable material (no packing peanuts here!)
  • In order to create an efficient packing process to maximize the space used in each shipment, and minimize waste, our operations team in Los Angeles, CA measured and created a product configuration chart.
  • We do not print packing slips to help reduce the amount of paper used.

How do I dispose of my products the right way?
We created these vibrators to last pretty much forever, but if you and your vibe are ready to break up, please look up the nearest e-waste recycling facilities near you. Keep in mind that opening the device will void its warranty. Our vibes contain a lithium-ion battery which needs to be removed and should not be thrown away with household waste. To remove the battery, peel away the silicone cover, open the plastic shell, and remove the battery to be disposed of by your local environmental regulations. Wear gloves during this process for your safety. Once you have carefully discarded your item, we have plenty more fun vibes that await you!
For the lubricants and gels, we advise you to rinse the bottle thoroughly once you have finished with it, peel the label off, separate the cap and bottle, and place them in your recycling bin. 

We stand by the quality of all our Pleasure Products. Should you have any issue with your Vibes Only purchase, please check out our product support FAQ.
If this does not solve the problem, please follow the instructions to complete a warranty claim.
Vibes Only products are intended for adults only. Our products are of the highest quality and come with a 1-year worldwide manufacturing warranty after the date of original purchase, against defects due to faulty workmanship or materials. If you discover a defect and notify us during the warranty period, we will, at our discretion, replace the pleasure product free of charge.
The warranty covers working parts that affect the function of the pleasure object. It does NOT cover cosmetic deterioration caused by fair wear and tear or damage caused by accident, misuse or neglect. Any attempt to open or take apart the pleasure object (or its accessories) will void the warranty.
Claims under warranty must be supported by reasonable evidence that the date of the claim is within the warranty period. To validate your warranty you must provide us with your order details (name, email address or order number).
Once your return is approved, pleasure products under warranty claim must be returned to Vibes Only with your order details - otherwise, we will not know who to attribute the return to. Shipping costs are non-refundable.
If you experience any problems with your pleasure product, have any questions regarding its operation or believe you are eligible for a warranty claim, please contact

Where do I download the Vibes Only App?
Visit to download the app for your smartphone, available for iPhone and coming soon to Android.

Can I use the app without a Vibes Only device?
Yes. While we recommend connecting your Vibes Only vibrator(s) to the app for the best experience, you can absolutely use the app without a device.

How does the app connect with my vibe?
All of our devices are Bluetooth enabled, and will work with any smartphone (iPhone or Android). The Vibes Only app is required to connect to the device. Bluetooth will need to be enabled. Click on “'Vibes" within the app menu to begin the connection to your device and follow the prompts. If your device is having trouble connecting, we advise troubleshooting with the below steps: · If your bluetooth is enabled on your phone, you must also allow Bluetooth access when you download the Vibes Only app. · If you accidentally declined, you will need to enable Bluetooth for the app by going to "Settings" on your phone. Scroll down until you get to the Vibes Only app icon, click into it, and toggle Bluetooth on. Once this is done, restart the app and your vibe may connect. · Please note, you will not find your Vibes Only device under the Bluetooth settings on your phone (i.e. where you would pair your headphones or speakers). You must connect your app and your device in the Vibes Only app itself as we use BLE - lower power Bluetooth).
What is the price of the app?
There are two options:
3-day free trial, after which you’ll be billed for the year (at a discounted rate of $49.99)
$7.99 monthly 
My vibe isn’t connecting! How can I check everything is working correctly?
If your vibe does not connect with your phone when the button is pressed, here are some simple things to check before you contact us:
  • Your vibe battery is drained and requires charging.
  • The Bluetooth on your phone is not enabled. Make sure to enable, or reset your phone if needed.
  • You have exceeded the 10 seconds required for your vibe to ‘find’ a device. Reset both your vibe and your phone by turning off, waiting 30 seconds, then turning on. Now try again making sure your phone has fully restarted, with the bluetooth switched on. Open the Vibes Only app and hold down the power button.

Do you keep any of my data?
The Vibes Only app does not collect or store your personal data within our cloud services. Protecting your personal information and privacy is paramount to our data privacy policies and operations. Please see our privacy policy:

User preferences, such as favorites are stored locally on your device and never shared to Vibes Only. Anonymous activity including media views and channel popularity may be collected in order to serve our users with the best possible app experience. Your personal usage patterns and settings are never shared or collected, nor are they sold to third parties.
When you purchase from us or access the website, we collect certain personal information (specifically for the Shopify Store) which is described below. We do not use this information to link to your Vibes Only app. The information we collect from you depends on what such information is needed for. We collect the following types of personal information for the website only:
2.1 Personal Information you submit to us on Shopify in order to complete your purchase: Personal Information you submit to us is any information that you willingly submit to us when we require it. This information includes but is not limited to your names, email address, phone number, payment information, country, state, street, zip code, and city/town. This personal information may be collected when you (i) provide your shipping information, (ii) submit your payment information for payment, (iii) reach out to us regarding complaints or questions, (iv) sign up to receive newsletters from us, and (v) take part in surveys, promotions, and bonuses offered by Vibes Only.
2.2 Personal Information collected automatically: This is any information that is automatically collected by us through the use of our programmed software when you access the ecommerce website. This type of information is collected immediately when a user accesses the Vibes Only website. This information may include the user’s device IP Address, location, cookies and other tracking information. Non-personal information is majorly collected through your device with the help of our tracking tools such as cookies and other third-party tracking technologies such as Google Analytics.
I got a new phone, will my customized Vibes Only settings be remembered by the app?
In order to protect your privacy, we do not store your personal information or custom settings. Your app settings are stored only on your device. Therefore, if you change your phone, you may lose your custom settings, unless you do a complete data transfer from your old device. 
Can I pause or cancel my subscription?
If you wish to take a break from using the Vibes Only app services, you may cancel your subscription within the app under Settings > Account. This link will take you to the app store to deactivate your subscription, and you can re-subscribe at any time. 
How do I delete my app account? 
You will find the option to delete your account under Settings directly in the Vibes Only app.
Does the app sync with other vibrators?
The Vibes Only app syncs only with Vibes Only products. 
Help, I lost my manual!
To download your product manual in the event you misplaced yours, please click the links below:
The Ashley
The Ashley Max
The Rayna
The Gigi

Can I buy the Vibes Only products somewhere else online, such as on Amazon?
Certified ‘Vibes Only’ products can only be purchased at the Any products sold on other sites are counterfeit and will not work with the Vibes Only app.
Where are your products made?
Our lubricants and gel products are produced in California, USA. Our vibes are produced in China using the highest manufacturing standards by manufacturers vetted by our partners.
What materials are your products made of?
Our vibes are made of body-safe silicone and ABS plastic. They are all latex and phthalate free. Our lubricants and gels are made from body-safe ingredients which are listed on their product page of this website.
Do all your vibes come with a charging cable? What if I lost mine?
Yes, all vibes come with a USB charging cable. If you need to order a replacement cable, these can be purchased for a small fee by emailing us at
Which charging adapter do I use with the Vibes Only charging cable?
USB adapters are universal. Depending on the manufacturer, some will take a longer or shorter time to charge (same as if you charge your phone via the computer or a wall charger adapter). Please do not use a high-power charger as it may be too powerful for your vibe, and damage the battery. Smart USB chargers may not function; a standard USB-A outlet is preferred. 
How do I charge my vibe?
Your vibrators come with a partial charge, but we recommend charging them fully before use. Your instruction manual will indicate where to place your charger on your vibe – it can be via magnet charging clips or through a DC port in the product itself. After the first charge, only charge your vibe when they are empty or very low, to save their battery life. Once you connect your charger, the light on it will flash to indicate it is charging. When the light is steady, the device is fully charged. We also have some great instructional videos available on the Vibes Only app.
Help! My vibe isn’t charging.
If your vibrator’s light isn’t pulsing when the charger is connected, this could be why: 
  • The charging light may be on but sometimes they’re hard to see in a brightly lit room.
  • Battery is already fully charged
  • Battery is drained and will require several minutes to recognize that it is being charged.
  • Charger is not properly connected. Check your charging block and DC jack.
Which lubricants should I use with vibes?
You should use a water-based lubricant, such as our Vibes Only Juiced Up. Avoid using a silicone-based lubricant as this could kill your vibe. If you must use a silicone-based lubricant, perform a patch test first. Wash thoroughly after every use.
Do not use with oil-based massage oils (such as coconut oil) or oil-based lubricants as it may damage the silicone.
How do I care for my vibe?
After every use, clean with warm water and antibacterial soap or toy cleaner. Dry thoroughly with a clean towel or air dry. Store in a cool, dry place and keep your vibe away from toys made of other materials and direct sunlight. Remember to charge periodically to maintain the battery life.
Are all your vibes water resistant?
Our vibes are water resistant, not 100% waterproof. This means they’re safe to be rinsed in running water or get a little wet in the shower. Do not fully submerge your vibes, as there is a small chance water may get into the charging port and affect your ability to charge your vibe. 
What is the shelf life of the lubricant and blow gel?
Our lubricant and blow gel both have a 24 month shelf-life after it was first opened.
Can’t find the answer to your question? Contact our team at, and if it’s regarding your order, please make sure to include your order number in your message.