Erotic Audio Experiences

Vibes Only is so much more than an app – it’s a complete erotic immersion where you are the main character of your wildest fantasies. We have created the first-ever erotic audio that controls your vibrator. With cutting-edge technology and unparalleled arousing content, you’ll reach elite levels of pleasure.

Open the app, select an experience, and you’ll be prompted to connect your device via Bluetooth with one quick click. When you hit play, your device will pulse along to the content with a series of preprogrammed patterns and intensities. And if you’re not feeling the preset vibes, you can easily opt to control your device via the controller on the app with the touch of a button.

As for the experiences, there is something for everyone and whatever you’re into. Perhaps you’d like a romp with a rugged cowboy, or a massage that takes a turn. How about your friend making a move on a girls trip, or vacation sex with a dominant millionaire? We have repeat characters and multiple categories so you can easily find what (or who) you’re into, and you can save your favorites for your spank bank. 

Exclusive Video Content

Our other half of the app is a collection of exclusive video content including product tutorials, dating advice, sex tips, and more from experts, comedians, and the creators of the app themselves Ashley and Rayna.

The bite-sized videos are organized into playlists (aka categories) so you can find exactly what you’re looking for. While you easily scroll, you’ll be entertained while also gaining valuable knowledge, like how to step up your oral sex skills and what to wear on a first date.

Custom Controller 

Remember, you are in complete control of your Vibes Only experience. Within the app, you’ll find a full-featured, dynamic remote control that enables you to select the intensity or pattern of your choosing. You will quickly connect via Bluetooth, then use the controller, which unlocks more intensity levels and patterns than when your vibrator is not connected.

Additional features you’ll love:

  • Designed to be easily used one-handed
  • 10 intensity levels for the steady pulse
  • 8 different patterns 
  • 2 controls for The Rayna’s two actions (air pulse/suction and vibrator)

Fresh Content

Your vibrator is a grower – it will just keep getting better with new experiences and videos added every week, and features will continue to roll out. Turn on app notifications so you won't miss a beat.