Vibrators...but make it a connected experience.

Discover limitless pleasure: The exclusive vibrator that syncs with erotic audio

Custom Controller

Connect your phone to your vibrator with Bluetooth. Turn up the intensity, pick your patterns, and much more with the custom controller.

Erotic Audio

Our stories sync to your vibrator automatically and take control.

Long Distance Lover

The Long Distance Lover feature enables that special someone to privately control your vibrator from anywhere.

Informative Video

Peruse a collection of informational video content on all things sexual wellness, pleasure, and self-love. 

Explore the Vibes Only app

Designed for one handed use

The Vibes Only app’s custom controller lets you adjust the intensity (1-10), select various patterns, go into stealth mode (device light off), and control the vibrator’s dual motors separately (when applicable).


Erotic audio

Take your pleasure to the next level with a library of erotic audio experiences. With new stories released weekly and sexy voices of all genders (speaking directly to you), subscribing to the VO app unlocks a world in which you’re the main character of your wildest fantasies.

Opt for an all-encompassing experience: Listen, read in tandem, and turn on automatic mode, which syncs your vibrator with the story. As the action gets hotter, your vibrator will follow along, so you can lay back and let our sultry narratives guide you effortlessly.


Informative video

Learn from the pros with videos offering expert tips and advice designed to energize your sex life and elevate your self-love.

Subscribing to the VO app grants you access to a continuous stream of informative content, ensuring you’ll discover new heights of enjoyment, plus new ways to use your vibrator solo or with a partner.


Step 01

Install Vibes Only app

Connect your vibrator to the Vibes Only app using Bluetooth. Long Distance Lover is a premium subscription feature.

Step 02

Click on the Long Distance button. This feature will work over WiFi or mobile networks.

Step 03

Share your Long Distance code with your partner. Your partner needs the Vibes Only app and a free subscription.

Step 04

Lay back and let your partner take control of your vibrator from anywhere in the world.


Swipe up to engage and read along with the story, with or without sound. Our lyric feature lets you navigate to any section, ensuring your vibrator stays in sync when in automatic mode too.


Battery estimator

You can check the battery life of your Vibes Only vibrator within the app. Once your vibrator is connected via Bluetooth, you will see the battery life on the battery icon.


Manual and Automatic Modes

Use manual mode to tailor your vibrator intensity, patterns, and vibrations as per your preference. Or, choose the automatic mode to seamlessly synchronize your device with the progression of the erotic audio storyline. We've created an experience that you can feel and hear.